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December 19, 2012
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    "Okay everyone, we're starting a new project!" my art teacher announced as his feet carried him across the  room. "You need to pick a building and draw it, but you also must add something to make it more surreal or weird-"
    "How about creepy?" I asked nonchalantly.
    "That could work too." he smiled, he had always loved my creativity. "What do you have in mind?"
    "Uhhh...Big Ben, with...a character I've heard of attempting to crawl out of this picture." I suggested, thinking of the man with blue and pink eyes.
    "Sure, I don't see why not." my teacher stated with a slight shrug.
    My eyes darted to the window, fresh snow was dancing to the ground. Their dance was so hypnotic that I was trapped by the sight. It was so beautiful. This time of the year was my favourite. Christmas was right around the corner and I couldn't wait to see what I had gotten.
    "______" my teacher whispered and nudged my shoulder.
    "Hm?" was all I could get as I pried my eyes from the window.
    "We're going to the computer lab, to get out pictures."
    "Oh!" I proclaimed in a hushed voice and scrambled to my feet. "Thank you."
    With a smile we headed to the lab and I was able to pick from the remainder of the seats, which weren't many. There were three, to be exact, and being the outcast I am I chose the one farthest from anyone. I had a strong fear of being bullied. I was when I was younger and did not wish to go through the same horrible treatment.
    "So who is this character you're thinking of?" my teacher asked, looking over my shoulder and running one of his large hands through his dark colored hair.
    "He's called 2P England... but it's a bit hard to explain what that means.." I shifted while talking, knowing  fully that he'd either understand completely, or look at me like everyone else does.
    "Okay, I want to see a picture of him." he smiled as he saw me click on the internet icon.
    "Alright." I giggled with a shy smile and pulled up Google Images. His name came down in the drop box and I quickly clicked it.
    My teacher then examined the pictures and gave me a look. "He doesn't look that scary." he commented, a bit confused.
    I raised a finger and said "Hang on, you've only seen half of him." With a smirk I added to the Google search the words "Good Morning" and hit enter. Immediately the image I needed came up and I clicked on it to make it larger.
    "Okay, yea, now he looks creepy." my teacher laughed.
    I giggled in response and right clicked the picture. Upon selecting copy image I opened a word document and pasted it in. Doing the same with a rather creepy picture of Big Ben.
    Internal jokes of the clock tower immediately popped into my mind and I had to stifle a giggle.
    After clicking print and selecting the needed printer I proceeded to log out of the computer. Gathering the pictures I'd printed out I headed back to the art room and began sketching out Big Ben first, since it was in the background.
I never noticed how many minuscule details were in the clock tower until I started drawing it, almost regretting picking this for the project. However, I'm not one to give up so I continued on. Plus, I really liked this idea and wanted to go through with it.
    After multiple days of shading and sharpening pencils my master piece was finished. It would have been an understatement to say I was proud of it.
    Big Ben was eerie enough in it's black and white world, but then I added a splash of color.
    2P England.
    He was the only thing colorful in his bland world, with his creepy grin and swirling blue-pink eyes that stared directly into your soul. I even did shading by his hands, which were grasping the edge of the frame, giving the illusion that he was crawling out of the picture. Even I had chills run down my spine when I looked at the picture.
    It was perfect.
    "It definitely is creepy." he stared at the picture and shuddered. "Maybe a bit too creepy."
    His joke made me smile and I admired the lovely hues on the page. "Thanks."
    The bell chimed it's typical three times, signalling that the class was over.
    "I'll grade it tomorrow." my teachers flashed me a smile.
    With a nod towards my teacher I carried the picture to the cabinet. My eyes were glued to my self, but as I went to place him in the slot I heard. "Are you going to leave me here?"
    Having acute hearing, my ears immediately told my eyes to look down at my picture. For a flash of a second I could of swore he was frowning but when I blinked it was back to his insane grin.
    I ignored it, thinking someone was messing with me and placed it on the self. I then left the classroom without another word.
    I had a long night ahead of me, mainly my thoughts kept returning to what I heard. I felt a bit uneasy that night, especially when I was laying in bed. Unable to fall asleep, I huddled closer to myself and attempted to think of comforting things.
    This soon worked, for I fell to sleep not long after my mind drifted to my favourite video game.
    My dreams did not bring comfort though.
    Crimson smeared the black and white world of my art project and I felt eyes watching me. I took a step and it echoed loudly. I was alone, but at the same time I was not. I knew he was there. Just behind me. But when I would turn he'd always return to his post, looming over my back.
    I was pulled from the nightmare into the conscious world by my annoying alarm clock.
    Pulling myself together, I got to my feet. They then carried me to my dresser and I picked out a cute outfit for the day.
    My usual morning routine went as it usually does. I got dressed and lingered on my laptop for a bit before I  needed to head out. My mom and I stopped and had breakfast, then she took me to school. Nothing weird.
    But I was still disturbed.
    "You don't look good..." my friend commented, her blue eyes were drowning in a sea of concern.
    "I-I'm fine." I smiled.
    Her blue orbs bore a hole into mine, she wanted the truth.
    "I- I had a nightmare and it shook me up." only half telling the truth.
    She nodded, understandingly.
    "A nightmare? Big Bad ______ can't handle a nightmare?" one of my male friends teased in a friendly manner. "Come on, _____. "
    I watched him give me a very disapproving look and I laughed. That guy always knew how to lighten the mood. "Yea well, at least I don't jump at my own shadow~"
    "It back!?" he questioned with mock shock as he looked around himself in horror. "I thought I got rid of you!!"
    I shook my head at his behavior, but in truth it made everything seem a bit more normal. It made my anxiety dissipate.
    Everything was normal and I once again couldn't wait to return to art class. Though, because I was so excited for said class, the day seemed to drag on slowly.
    The bell chimed, interrupting my thoughts. I proceeded to jump to my feet and scurry down the halls. Letting my feet carry me on the familiar path to the basement, where art class was held.
    I trotted through the doorway and made my way over to the cabinets, but something was wrong. As I looked at my picture, something- no...someone was missing.
    Where was 2P England? this isn't how I expected it to turn out but I kind of like it. If you notice any errors in my writing please tell me and I will fix them~ I hope you enjoy this~

Chapter 1: :iconyay2penglandplz:

Chapter 2: [link]

Chapter 3: [link]

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

Story (c) :iconyaoicupcakeluver:

picture was found on Google
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