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January 6, 2013
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    A simple song sent him spiraling back to a time where he thought Europe had no hope. Rats ran through the  streets carrying a deadly disease as children were making dying wishes.
    His shaggy blond hair was unkempt and hidden under a mask. The nose of the mask was filled to the brim with posies that numbed his sense of smell. His emerald eyes were dull as he watched the people around him begin to perish.
    He wished he could make his people better as a lone tear ran down his cheek.
    "Sir?" a little girl coughed out with a lisp. Her own British accent was tinted with despair. "Have you seen my mummy?"
   `His heart broke and he tried hard not to break down. "N-No I haven't...I'm terribly sorry."
    The little girl's face looked crestfallen as she nodded. Her (e/c) eyes were glistening with fresh tears and her (h/c) hair fell in front of her face. Her now shaking little hands clung tightly to her tattered gown.
    He knelt down and stroked her cheek gently with the back of his hand. He couldn't bear seeing this little girl's pain.
    He would help at least one person.
    "How about I take care of you?" he questioned in a comforting tone.
    The young girl looked up with big (e/c) eyes. "But I don't want to be a burden..."
    He shook his head. "You won't be a burden.."
    Her face lit up a bit, causing the Brit's heart to soar. Her smile was so sweet and her eyes looked so happy.
    "Okay." she said as her eyes glinted with hope.
    He reached out gently and grasped the little one around her waist as he picked her up. His arms then adjusted a little to hold her closer.
    "Shall we head home then?" the man asked her sweetly.
    She gave a quick and eager nod in response.
    The walk was not long, but by the time they had neared his home they had entered a pleasant forest.
    "Is that it?" the little girl squirmed eagerly in his arms as she pointed a small finger at a little cottage.
    "Yes." the man chuckled sweetly as he opened the door.
    The cottage was small but it was enough for the both of them.The walls were white tinted yellow with age and the wooden floor creaked with every step you took. Even every door spoke to you in it's own squeaky way when they were  opened.
    "I love posies." The young girl giggled as she noticed the small purple flowers that littered a near by table. "They're very pretty."
    The Brit smiled and handed her one after removing his mask. "Well then this one's just for you."
    The was she smiled make him feel like everything was going to be fine from then on.
   But that light of hope soon faded after roughly a year. That's when the small girl began to complain of pain under her arms and in the crook of her neck. Chills ran through her small body as her temperature rose to thirty nine degrees Celsius. Her limbs ached and she could barely hold down a meal.
    She had caught it and braved it for longer than any normal child. And she had done it all for him.
    He ran his hands through his messy blond hair as tears streamed down his face. He could hear her crying in the other room and he couldn't do anything to help her.
    Slowly he got to his feet and wiped his tear stained cheeks before trudging to her room.
    She looked up with dull eyes and coughed harshly into a small fist. Tears ran down her cheeks as she stared at the man before her.
    He knew well of his immortality and walked closer to the small girl. His arms wrapped around her and pulled her close.
    "I'm sorry..." he whispered lovingly.
    She shook as more chills ran through her but managed to nod. "I-It's okay."
    He cradled her gently, rocking her back and forth as he stroked her hair.
    She began to slowly falls to sleep, finally letting her life slip away.
    "Goodnight, Ar..thur..." she yawned, her voice fading near the end.
    England choked on his own sorrow and his voice cracked as he whispered. "Sweet dreams, _____."
    He laid her down on the bed and placed posies in her hair. With a light kiss on her pink tinted forehead he then left and never looked back.
    A light tap on his shoulder brought him back to reality.
    "Hm? he questioned as he turned to whomever it was.
    A young woman smiled sweetly at him. "You looked like you needed some company."
    He nodded and glanced at the children singing Ring a ring o' roses.
    "I love posies.." the young woman commented as she noticed where he was looking. "They're very pretty."
    He turned to her and finally noticed her (e/c) eyes and (h/c) hair.
    "Would your name happen to be _____?" he inquired as a smile graced his features.
    She smiled and nodded with a cute giggle. "So you do remember me..."
Hey! Hey! This here has a happy ending! :3 I'm impressed with myself~ So did you enjoy it story? If enough people ask I may continue it~ ^-^ [Okay~ This is suffice! I have decided to make a new chapter you guys~ I will continue this~]

Chapter 1: :iconyayenglandplz:

Chapter 2: -- In Progress--

Story (c) :iconyaoicupcakeluver:

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

Image found on Google [found it a while ago]
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