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Submitted on
January 16, 2013
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    This little thing that slowly bends and makes our lives can easily be broken. When it is our being ceases to breathe and move.
    This part is death and I know it a little too well.
    Though I wish it hadn't ended on such a bad note. My best friend had gotten me angry, for reasons I will not talk about. The only thing I can say is that...I now see how I was wrong and how everyone else was right.
    I wish I could take it back. I said some pretty nasty things...and I even tried to choke him. I wish I had just sat back and listened when he started to talk about all our precious memories.
    But that's all gone now and I can't do anything to change it.
    I broke a promise that seemed like it have been etched in stone for good, but I found out that it was only carved in glass. It snapped at the same time I did.
    It was a promise made from precious porcelain.
    "Until that day I die, I'll spill my heart for you." Our words echo inside my head. This promise meant that we could always be there for each other and that we would never hide things from one another. It mean that... we would love each other forever.
    But I broke it...with three simple words.
    "I hate you!" they had been bellowed from my chest and had left an unpleasant impact. But they had been building inside me since we entered the place. I had bitten my tongue for so long that I could have sworn it bled and when I found out the culprit...I snapped.
    Now I'm dead, wallowing in my own regret while I drown in my tears.
    I never got to tell him how much I truly loved him.
    But I can not turn back time."
    She clicked the pen and stuck it in her pocket as she slowly closed her journal. Her heels made her foot steps echo throughout the empty blackness.
    She didn't know were she was, or where she was going. She was just walking.
    Soon her vision began to fade like it had when she was dying, but this time it was fading to white.
    When all the whiteness shattered a gasp of breath refilled her lungs and she stared around.
    The gentle ticking of a clock could be heard and she looked over at it. Her face then crumpled in confusion. She was back at her home and the time was three hours before she had passed.
    With a gentle shake of her head she walked over to the calender to check the date, and sure enough it was May 23rd at exactly 10:12 PM.
    She opened her journal slowly as the confusion set in. With a click of her pen she continued to write where she had left off.
    "But someone else can."
This is my contest entry to :iconrhinoghost: 's contest. I hope you all enjoy it. It's an ItalyXreader story. Also I you know what I was referencing in it?

The song I used is "Until the day I die." by Story of the Year [and can be found here: [link] ]

Story (c) :iconyaoicupcakeluver:

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

What I referenced (c) it's creator

Image found off Google.
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Yes, love the song! <3
And this was beautiful, it made me cry. :'|
I'm sorry for making you cry, but I'm glad you enjoyed it.
i'm dramatic right now,thank you...the thoughts I can't say .
No problem.
ScarletSutcliff Jan 16, 2013  Student Artist
HetaOni reference?
Yep~ ^-^
ScarletSutcliff Jan 16, 2013  Student Artist
XD Good job~
C4--Frosty Jan 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
"Hello friend," she says, smiling. "This story... this sad sad story... I like it, to be honest. Fits my mood greatly." C4--Frosty gives a cat-like grin. "Keep up the great work."
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