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December 21, 2012
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    "Fratello wait up~!" Italy called as he tripped on his dress.
    "Run faster, stupid!" his older yelled as they neared a clearing.
    Both boys were traveling in the woods near Austria's home. Their young minds thought it would be fun to skip their duties.
    Romano slowed to a stop just outside the clearing and Feli ran directly into him, unable to stop.
    "I'm sorry!" he squealed loudly to his older brother.
    Romano glared and slapped a hand out his younger brother's mouth. He then placed his point finger against his lips, shushing the younger Italian.
    Veneziano looked confused and watching as Lovino point towards the clearing. His eyes followed his brother's finger and that's when he saw it.
    A young woman was sprawled out in the clearing. She looked injured and was not moving.
    Both moved in for closer inspection. Her breathing was shallow and she was bleeding from an open wound on her chest.
    When she heard the soft foot falls her dying eyes looked toward the young boys. Pity found its way into her heart. She did not wish to have little boys witness her final hour. This would forever scar their memory.
    "A-are you okay?" Feli whispered, letting tiny feet carry him to her side.
    In response the girl nodded and tried to shoo them away, pretending like all was well.
    Romano's eyes narrowed. "You're lying."
    Her eyes widened and she was taken aback, her fading (e/c) orbs rested on the small boy.
    Romano rolled his eyes. "Veneziano, go back and get me the first aid kit, will ya?"
    The younger one nodded and ran back to the house as fast as he could.
    "You're eyes tell me everything..." he whispered. "Their color is fading and losing it's luster..."
    She looked away, ashamed that this young boy saw right through her fašade.
    Running foot falls could be heard as Veneziano returned with the first aid kit. "Here you go, fratello~"
    Romano took the box from his brother with a nod and then turn to the woman. He began cleaning the wound a bit with water and then took out the bandages.
    When he finished he stepped back and looked into her eyes.
    A small smile spread across her face as tears welled in her eyes. Never had a complete stranger took the time to take care of her.
    "You should be fine now..." Romano whispered.
    Without saying anything she whispered into their mind "Thank you, very much. You boys have saved my life. Now in return whenever you need me call the name ______...I will do anything for you both."
    They stared. Her lips hadn't moved, yet they heard her voice.
    What was she?
    She got to her knees and hugged both of them before standing and taking her leave.
    Their amber eyes watched her leave the clearing. When she was out of sight they both looked towards each other and without any words spoken they headed back home.
    It had been years since that day. Every now and then they'd talk about that experience, but for some reason it felt to dream-like. Veneziano almost didn't believe it happened. In fact, the only thing that told him she was real was the deep love he held for her. Her eyes had been beautiful to him, even though the life in them was fading. He even
though that her hair had been haloed perfectly in the midday sun.
    "Fratello...?" Feli whispered to catch his older brother's attention, as they sat in their shared bedroom.
    "Sý?" he responded nonchalantly.
    "Even though we only knew her for a little bit...How do you feel about _____?" the younger Italian inquired.
    Romano paused, he hadn't really thought about it. "Well, how do you feel?"
    "I think it's that- uhm...Love at first sight thing..." he shifted uncomfortably as he spoke. "I know it's sounds stupid but...every time I think about her I feel butterflies. Even on that day I thought she was the prettiest girl I'd ever seen. I felt so nervous..."
    Romano nodded and shrugged. "I guess I don't really know how I feel about her..."
    Feli nodded and soon drifted to sleep, and Romano wasn't far behind.
    They both awoke to an annoyingly loud alarm clock.
    Groaning Romano rolled over and shoved his head under his pillow, while Feli reached over and smacked the alarm clock.
    "Fratello..." Italy murmured, still half asleep. His eyes then drifted to his older brother. With a sigh he began shaking Romano's shoulder's. "Romano! We have to get up!"
    Lovino came out from underneath the pillow and shot his younger brother a cold glare. "What's so important about today, uh?!"
    "We were going to go see if there were any records on _____..." Feli yawned as he rubbed his eyes.
    "Oh yea..." Romano mumbled as he sat up.
    Both brothers crawled out of their warm bed and trudged over to their closet. They then proceeded to rummage through the many shirts and pants they had accumulated.
    Italy straightened out his shirt and smiled. "Veee~! I hope we find something~"
    Romano nodded and looked into the mirror for a quick minute as he brushed out his hair. After calming his bed head he tossed the brush at his brother, who began to do the same with his messy hair.
    After their morning routine was finished they headed out the door and went on their mission to find out information on the mysterious woman they had found on that one fateful day.
    They spent the whole day searching through any record book they could find, but to no avail. Nothing was to be found and the girl remained a mystery.
    How had she gotten to the clearing?
    How did they hear her?
    Was she even real?
    These questions and many others were swimming in Lovino's mind as he sped home.
    His brother was in the front passenger's seat, playing with the radio. He was trying to drown out the same questions. He knew he'd never get the answers.
    Soon enough Romano glanced at his brother. "I like that song, go back."
    Feli smiled at his brother and did so.
    In that split second everything went wrong.
    While both of them were preoccupied with the radio they didn't realize the headlights heading straight at them.
    Romano finally looked up just in time to swerve and have his side of the car crushed by a large truck.
    Both brother's blacked out from the collision.
    When the younger Italian awoke, he kept his eyes shut and listened to the rhythmic beep that was echoing through the room.
    "Feli..." a soft voice rang through his head.
    His amber eyes slowly opened and met gorgeous (e/c) ones. When his blurry vision cleared he immediately recognized her face.
    "_-_____." he whispered.
    She smiled and stroked his hair.
    He was almost going to smile when he realized something. "Where's Romano?"
    Her face fell and those (e/c) orbs of her dropped to the floor.
Okay, so I did a lot of editing and I would love for you to tell me if something doesn't make sense. Also please tell me if I need to fix any grammar or spelling. I came up with this while listening to it's really sad. Also I'm sorry if they seem OOC. I'm not sure how well I do Veneziano...

Chapter 1: I hope you enjoy it~

Chapter 2: [link]

Chapter 3: [link]

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

Story (c) :iconyaoicupcakeluver:

The picture was found off Google
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oh wow, this is a good story^^

you listened to Uninstall? I like Kaito's version but the original is simply beautiful~
I haven't heard Kaito's version. I'll have to listen to it~

Also thank you, and yes I came up with the idea for it while listening to Uninstall.
It's cool. Mostly him being jealous though

^^ welcome~ you are doing a great job on the story

I'm glad you're enjoying it~
Why must Lovi die? :icongivingupplz:
Trust me ...Lovi's fine.
*gasp* How did you know?! *shock face*
I'd say 'I am GOD' but that seems a bit offensive so...Its more like a git feeling :iconembarrasedplz:
I see~ :3
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