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Hel by YaoiCupcakeluver
    "Nickname": Hel (A name that Juno calls her)
    Actual: Corc
Age: 18
    Good: Shy, Sweet,  Gentle, prefers to be non violent if possible. Hel is fun though often very quiet. When she warms up to you she's a bit more open though her voice remains soft. She's is especially respectful to elders while her twin may be more rebellious depending on who it is. One of her best traits in her pure honesty, though she will save others hurt by saying a white lie(this only applies to the fact that she likes to help others and make them happy).
    Bad: She's frail. In gaming terms she's a glass cannon. Idealistic, though good and bad, gets in the way of her clear thinking at points as she wants what's best though sometimes it's impossible. She is meek, or lacking in courage though it also means that she is humble, this trait gets her into trouble. It is also the reason her tank of a sister needs to protect her on most occasions. 
    -She can raise an army of the dead(Though it wears her out and she is not fond of using it unless the situation requires it)
    -She has a danger sense (for those who know of Spider-Man think of the Spidey sense)
    -She also has what is known as energy blasts. (t's when she blasts her magic at people, usually in self defense. 
    -As mentions she is a glass cannon. So, while her attacks are powerful, she can't take many hits before she's weakened immensely. 
    -She's human, and no I don't mean that in a bad sense. I just mean, she's soft and squishy and easy to break. That's why she needs Juno. Juno is her wall, he tank.
    -She can't fight on her own. She'd be able to hold herself steady for a while, but if she's hit too many times, she won't be doing well. Humans can die very easily.

Backstory: Can be found here:…

[Also, it's hard to tell two things.
Her eyes are green and her magic isn't flames. It's a light plasma that ungulates or moves like flames but it is just one thing and does not have embers or ash that rise from it like fire]
Change is good. by YaoiCupcakeluver
Change is good.
So, this is Juno-I know, weird right? I wanted to change her design which ultimately leads to me giving her the ability to shapeshift to more than just a bat. Either form is technically correct, but this is her original form. Anyways, onto updated information.
    "Nickname": Juno (a name she remembers from a distant and faded memory[subconscious])
    Actual: Ceana 

Age: 18 [Not sure if I should include how old the soul would technically be]
    Good: Sarcastic, quirky, and sweet but serious and contemplative when necessary. She strives to keep her loved ones safe and would do anything for her family-makeshift or not~ Often she's more mature than the rest, though that doesn't mean she can't have fun. However, messes can be a bit troublesome and she will want to help clean, out of both habit and being polite. 
    Bad: Anxious and dubious, she constantly is internally questioning things around her. Sometimes her anxiety is worse than other times and she'll even begin to question the motives of people she may have even the smallest amount of distrust for. She also questions herself in these times. She wonders if maybe she comes across as impish. She can even be a bit stubborn, but only if she is stuck on something that others see as impossible. For instance, if someone she loves is in trouble and all see that there is nothing they can do, she will try everything to save that person until they breathe their last breath. 
    -Enhanced Speed and Strength 
    -Can heal wounds that aren't fatal
    -Ability to jump higher and farther than the above average human
    -A stake to the heart does not kill her thanks to skeletal tissue pumping blood(along with her stomach)
    -Holy objects do not affect(effect?) her in any way. Unless you chucked a cross at her head and knocked her out...that might work.
    -Heightened senses(touch, sight, hearing, taste, smell)
    -She can turn into a bat-and in this form she can talk to her turtle.

    -Sunlight is bad. That's why she needs the umbrella. Her skin is frail and while there is a possibility of bursting into flames that's only if she were to basically go sunbathing. It's more likely that she will receive an intense burn.
    -Her enhanced senses do not make garlic nice smelling and in fact will make her nose crinkle, unless in large quantities as the smell may make her nauseous.
    -She does need's kinda vampire thing. Without it she'd go into a state of "hibernation" until she's either force fed blood or you inject it straight into her stomach. You'd need really big needles for that, just saiyan. 

    The setting is the early 1700s in Scotland.The only other person living with her was her twin brother as their parents were gone. However, despite the fact that all they had was one another they lived happily. Helping each other and simply taking care of one another life family should. Both stood optimistic despite the hand life had dealt them. Until one of them was killed.
    At home, both were awake with nagging feelings in their guts. Their fears were realized as vampires attacked their home. Feeding as though they hadn't had a meal in weeks, the vampires left a wake of devastation. One was dead, and the other was changed. Blood that had fallen to the floor now drenched it. Ceana's mind grew seemingly empty. The shock of it all had yet to settle in her mind, especially when she saw the state her brother was in. His body laid on the floor in front of her. She knew he was gone but her mind would not accept this to be final.  
    The girl stood and stepped lightly through the eerie silence until she reached her brother. She knelt down and lifted him in her arms, finding him surprisingly easy to carry. Then she left. Ceana walked through places she'd never been, simply wandering. She knew not where she was headed, but seemed to be pulled or lead in a certain direction.
    After hours of wandering the sun had almost risen and the guide she followed lead her into a hut that was not unlike her own. Sitting before her at a table was an elderly man. His gaze raised to her own and a gentle smile raised his lips. 
    "I know what you've come for...," he sighed in a voice that matched his tender demeanor. "And I am unable to do what you wish."
    Without thinking Ceana blurted, "I'd give up my new immortality if it meant he could live happily."
    He shook his head in response. "My dear Juno, I can not bring him back, but I may grant you both a chance at a better life." He stood and walked over to both twins, raising his arms. Both palms were then pressed over the twins' eyes and a golden light blinded Ceana. "Take care of Hel." the man muttered softly before darkness took over Ceana as it had her twin.

[The name, Juno, is given to Ceana because of her protectiveness of those she loves. You will find out later why her twin is called Hel.]
PS: I would like to apologize for any typos or errors, I will read this over later and fix as many as I can. I also realize that the poof around the collar of her shirt is a little off coloured, I got the idea to add it in after I have coloured her hair, so I had to try and erase it.
Rosanna and Sapphire by YaoiCupcakeluver
Rosanna and Sapphire
These two, from what I understand, were originally one being that split into two twins~ They are also vampire nekos and princesses of fire(right) and ice(left)-who can change their gender~ Pretty sweet~ My friend :iconkyiabear1212:, the creator of these two, requested that I draw them~ I'm honestly quite happy with this~ 
PS, Rosanna is on the Left and Sapphire is on the right~
First off, I stole this from :iconarchwolf-aequinox:
Second, I said, quite a while ago, that I would do this for fun. It isn't meant to be serious, but your answer can range anywhere from serious to sarcastic, or be just plain weird~
-I AM A MAN!- by DangerHillTerror
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So, no, Juno is not my real name..but I do not wish to put that out there. So, you may call me Juno. Yes that name is in reference to mythology-though not my favourite. Maybe I should have gone with Sigyn, Idunn, Lofn, or Sjofn.

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